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  KaKi87 b089d5935d ♻️ Make analytics and Sentry setup optional, remove hard-coded Sentry DSN 4 weeks ago
  KaKi87 45e37d9d20 🐛 Fix android version filter not excluding 'vary' 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle 2040b3b15d Add GlitchGit integration 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle b619eef51b 🥅 Handle server errors 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle 0c8055006c Enable GPlay scraper memoization 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle de25638f47 Add support for categories 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle 6a75557d73 🚸 Improve hint tooltips 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle e29012ef29 🚸 Add support link tooltip 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle ee25d93237 Update Android versions 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle 96f3d0dd3b ♻️ 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle d388be720b ♻️ 1 month ago
  Tiana Lemesle 7ba161fccc ♻️ Migrate from Express to Fastify 1 month ago
  KaKi87 209006d711 ⬆️ Upgrade anonymous-analytics dependency 2 months ago
  KaKi87 2d40f417d4 ⬆️ Upgrade anonymous-analytics dependency 2 months ago
  KaKi87 ab5e473ae1 🙈 Refactor .gitignore 2 months ago
  KaKi87 387ec95ce2 Add anonymous analytics 2 months ago
  Gitea 7f1a5191d4 Upgrade dependencies 2 months ago
  Gitea 1028dfcf92 Fix Discord link 3 months ago
  Gitea 9f2d715b5b 📝 Update similar projects 3 months ago
  Gitea 4669423d2b Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kaki87.net:3021/KaKi87/KPlaySearch 3 months ago
  Gitea 401cb7bfdd 📝 Add related projects & Discord link 3 months ago
  KaKi87 16e9e1640f Update docs as per fc1d3e9 3 months ago
  KaKi87 3545e6b4e3 Remove permission description 3 months ago
  Gitea 8af913e6d5 Upgrade dependencies 3 months ago
  KaKi87 fc1d3e9f64 Use local storage instead of cookie 3 months ago
  KaKi87 9321ca1134 Typo 3 months ago
  Gitea 1857be3d23 Upgrade dependencies 4 months ago
  Gitea a1bc960f5a Upgrade dependencies 5 months ago
  Gitea fac971b926 Upgrade dependencies 7 months ago
  Gitea c9755bb9fe Upgrade dependencies 8 months ago
  KaKi87 1f11cccf47 Minor optimization 11 months ago
  KaKi87 86761c6a23 Remove forgotten Socket.IO script (removed since 4154d23) 11 months ago
  KaKi87 4611240605 Fix retry with max number broke by 4154d23 (line accidentally removed) 11 months ago
  KaKi87 25896b707a Minor changes 11 months ago
  KaKi87 72ab4da8ca Use default HTTP code (302) for maintenance redirection 11 months ago
  KaKi87 4154d23cdb Use HTTP POST instead of WebSocket 11 months ago
  KaKi87 a115823729 Optimize back-end search using async 11 months ago
  KaKi87 d045a174c1 Remove useless babel dependency 11 months ago
  KaKi87 37ba65ddd8 Upgrade dependencies 11 months ago
  KaKi87 e0f1040d34 Update server port 11 months ago
  KaKi87 b3947dd259 Handle permissions parsing failure 1 year ago
  KaKi87 9058c1e465 Socket.IO : use socket.once instead of socket.on then socket.removeListener 1 year ago
  KaKi87 4dbcc8d578 Upgrade dependancies 1 year ago
  KaKi87 cbf9d7badd Fix light/dark cookie 1 year ago
  KaKi87 a37072873b Ignore 404 errors from google-play-scraper 1 year ago
  KaKi87 86968491cb Use Promise.all and manually fetch app details 1 year ago
  KaKi87 05a2007893 Upgrade modules (including google-play-scraper with search fix) 1 year ago
  KaKi87 06316f09e3 Use const when possible 1 year ago
  KaKi87 4ae0c7494d Disable maintenance mode 1 year ago
  KaKi87 7bc9899efc Maintenance mode until google-play-scraper fixed 1 year ago