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  Tiana Lemesle dc5f4b55a0 💄 Abbreviate column names 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle ad4450c8d5 🐛 Fix 5248ec8 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 5248ec8bc3 🐛 Fix 2f8ed6b 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 3550c2bece 🐛 Fix 2f8ed6b 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 2f8ed6b801 💄 As per ea54806 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle c6753ad795 🐛 Fix ea54806 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle ea54806330 💄 Remove unnecessary margin 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 159ab78d6f 📱 Improve header responsive design 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 9dd182ca53 💄 Remove unnecessary margins 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 11540da200 🚸 Move scroll event to search request callback as per 449c8fc 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 296e0bac9d 📱 Fix 8ed29f2 on mobile 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 55cfd21b80 🍱 Add favicon 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle be7c242f50 💄 Fix 8ed29f2 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 2d2681efe6 💄 Improve search settings section 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 449c8fcb46 💄 Optimize UI structure 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle fb5032d126 💄 Add dark scrollbar 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 8ed29f20cc 💄 Move scrollbar to output container 2 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 9e5c046e43 🚸 Add empty search query warning 2 weeks ago
  KaKi87 0c86a7f86b 🔥 Set dark theme as default, remove toggle 2 weeks ago
  KaKi87 2fecc92cda 💬 Display infinity symbol 8 months ago
  KaKi87 9bf7f8b148 🐛 Fix score filter handle undefined value 8 months ago
  KaKi87 b089d5935d ♻️ Make analytics and Sentry setup optional, remove hard-coded Sentry DSN 9 months ago
  KaKi87 45e37d9d20 🐛 Fix android version filter not excluding 'vary' 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle 2040b3b15d Add GlitchGit integration 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle b619eef51b 🥅 Handle server errors 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle 0c8055006c Enable GPlay scraper memoization 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle de25638f47 Add support for categories 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle 6a75557d73 🚸 Improve hint tooltips 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle e29012ef29 🚸 Add support link tooltip 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle ee25d93237 Update Android versions 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle 96f3d0dd3b ♻️ 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle d388be720b ♻️ 10 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle 7ba161fccc ♻️ Migrate from Express to Fastify 10 months ago
  KaKi87 209006d711 ⬆️ Upgrade anonymous-analytics dependency 11 months ago
  KaKi87 2d40f417d4 ⬆️ Upgrade anonymous-analytics dependency 11 months ago
  KaKi87 ab5e473ae1 🙈 Refactor .gitignore 11 months ago
  KaKi87 387ec95ce2 Add anonymous analytics 11 months ago
  Gitea 7f1a5191d4 Upgrade dependencies 11 months ago
  Gitea 1028dfcf92 Fix Discord link 11 months ago
  Gitea 9f2d715b5b 📝 Update similar projects 11 months ago
  Gitea 4669423d2b Merge branch 'master' of ssh://git.kaki87.net:3021/KaKi87/KPlaySearch 11 months ago
  Gitea 401cb7bfdd 📝 Add related projects & Discord link 11 months ago
  KaKi87 16e9e1640f Update docs as per fc1d3e9 12 months ago
  KaKi87 3545e6b4e3 Remove permission description 12 months ago
  Gitea 8af913e6d5 Upgrade dependencies 12 months ago
  KaKi87 fc1d3e9f64 Use local storage instead of cookie 12 months ago
  KaKi87 9321ca1134 Typo 12 months ago
  Gitea 1857be3d23 Upgrade dependencies 1 year ago
  Gitea a1bc960f5a Upgrade dependencies 1 year ago
  Gitea fac971b926 Upgrade dependencies 1 year ago