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The 100 Community Bot

The must-have bot for any show-based Discord server (especially The 100 Community's Discord server).

Disclaimer : some of this bot's features are specific to The 100, especially RP. These parts will not be documented on this README, but may be in the wiki.

Getting started


  • NodeJS
  • Yarn


yarn install
yarn start

Setting up (config file)

Copy config.example.json as config.json.

You're free to give any name you want to your bot instance : the full name will be used in the help embed, shortName will be used as bot's username (or name if not set).

A copyright is shown at end of every embed, from the package.json's author field : please fork and contribute to the project if you want to change it, and in that case, change the config.year (fork year) if needed.


1 bot instance = 1 guild (fill field with IDs).


  • general : for welcome and goodbye messages (both optional).
  • show_news : TBD
  • release : for PreDB release notifications (optional)
  • logs : required for logs


  • admin : required for sensitive commands.
  • mod : TBD
  • mute : if you have one

Seasons self-roles

If you (want to) have per-season channels and roles, the bot will automatically create them, and assign by command. Set categories.seasons as the category ID containing the seasons channels.

Channel & role naming format : season-<n>

TVMaze (required)

Look for your show on TVMaze and get its ID from the URL : Put that number in the show.tvMazeID field.

⚠ Required for the show features (otherwise you don't need that bot xD)


If you want to provide premium host download links using AllDebrid, fill id and pass in show.alldebrid.

Then, insert your links in data/downloads.json using the following syntax :

	"season": {
		"episode": {
			"release_name": [

You can set multiple episodes (the user will have the choice) and multiple links, preferably from multiple hosters (they will be tested requentially until the link generation work)

⚠ AllDebrid blocks API requests from dedicated servers.


If you want to be notified when a new release of your show is available on warez websites, PreDB is the solution. Just enter the beginning of the release name containing the series' name (for example : The.100) in the show.releaseName field.

Welcome & goodbye messages

Type your automated messages in the messages.welcome and messages.goodbye fields, with %m as the new/old member mention.

⚠ The general channel is required for that feature to work.

Topics-based self-roles

If you (want to) topic-based channels, add them as an object into the topics array with the following properties :

  • category : the channels category
  • name : the topic name
  • max : (optional) maximum roles per user for this category
  • joinCommand : command to get a role (without the prefix)
  • leaveCommand : command to remove a role (without the prefix)
  • joinMessage : (optional) announcement when user join
  • leaveMessage : (optional) announcement when user leaves
  • sort : (optional) stats sorting mode
    • position : (default) channel position in Discord's list
    • name : channel name
    • members : members count


Embed color

You can set a fixed color for the bot's embed in embedColor, or specify null for random.

Reveal spoilers

Set either true or false wether you want or not enable the spoilers revealer feature. The only purpose is frustrate people, which makes them loose the interest in abusing of it :p


Optional because relative to advanced developer commands.

Built With

Node modules :

Bot commands

Index for global features only.


  • episode <SXXEXX> : get episode info
  • last : get last episode aired
  • next : get next episode to be aired
  • subscribe <D-days> <hour> [00/15/30/45] : subscribe to episode release notifications


  • episode <SXXEXX> releases : get episode releases


  • seasons : show seasons listing
  • season <season> : set season role (grant access to channels)


  • self : roles list

  • stats <self> : show stats for category

    + user-defined join & leave commands

⚠ Roles name must be identical to channels name (but, case insensitive).


Only work in DM by owner.

Syntax :

```js'Hello, world !');

Don't forget the prefix before eval.


KaKi87 (Tiana Lemesle) - Initial work


This project is licensed under the GNU GPLv2 License