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# gitmoji-lite
An emoji guide for your commit messages.
## Differences with the [original Gitmoji project by carloscuesta](
### Ad-free
The original project's website contains ads since [PR #631](
This project's website does not contain ads nor any other annoyance.
### Framework-less
The original project's website uses NextJS since [PR #368](, and was using GulpJS before that since [commit `f2a567d`](
This project's website does not use any framework but only pure HTML/CSS/JS.
### Unofficial gitmojis
The original project's maintainers sometimes reject gitmoji submissions, despite respecting the [contributing guidelines](, or let submissions unsolved forever, even after discussion and approval.
This project's website uses the same gitmoji list as the original, but also adds the following rejected gitmojis, with an *unofficial* badge.
- `:fast_forward:` `Redo changes` ([issue #169](, rejected)
Unofficial gitmoji submissions are welcome, provided that an existing submission has been rejected or left unsolved on
the official project's issue tracker, despite respecting the contributing guidelines.