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  Tiana Lemesle ee9ef29b40 🎉 Add GitHub Actions Enhanced userscript, deprecate GitHub Actions Notifications userscript 3 weeks ago
  Tiana Lemesle 784cd295c1 🗑️ Deprecate Reddit Force Local Search userscript 2 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle dfbfc38fb7 👽 Fix action success detection due to GitHub website update 3 months ago
  Tiana Lemesle b12d38660a 👽 Fix action failure detection due to GitHub website update 3 months ago
  KaKi87 5ccc90a3d9 📝 4 months ago
  KaKi87 12ab1df34f Add mobile support 4 months ago
  KaKi87 0efbfeebe7 Support RARBG mirrors (fix #1) 4 months ago
  KaKi87 20b26d1432 🐛 Remove useless DOMContentLoaded listener (fix Firefox support) 4 months ago
  KaKi87 8f0fc20b3f 🐛 Fix init mutation observer sometimes not executing 4 months ago
  KaKi87 e5f7922f40 ♻️ As per c985883 4 months ago
  KaKi87 c985883174 🍱 Upload GitHub logo 4 months ago
  KaKi87 1c112bb892 📝 Add links 4 months ago
  KaKi87 02aec15a98 💡 Unify userscript headers 4 months ago
  KaKi87 c7b40cb7ef 🚀 Create GitHub Actions notifications userscript 4 months ago
  KaKi87 3363da9cd6 📝 Add links 5 months ago
  KaKi87 b7ceddf83e 🚀 Create AlternativeTo free/freemium differentiator userscript 5 months ago
  KaKi87 0050f1870b 🚀 Create RARBG threat defence bypasser userscript 5 months ago
  KaKi87 b00739a87f 📝 Add link to changelog v1.1.0 5 months ago
  KaKi87 13446fa389 🔧 Add required 'match' metadata tag for GreasyFork 5 months ago
  KaKi87 96dec6cb81 📝 Update changelog 5 months ago
  KaKi87 9255f73689 🔖 Bump patch version 5 months ago
  KaKi87 4fcd633867 Hide native ads 5 months ago
  KaKi87 9dabf3ac5a 🎉 Add Splix.IO assistant alpha userscript 8 months ago
  KaKi87 340a3a2e7e 🎉 Add Splix.IO assistant userscript 8 months ago
  KaKi87 3330f9a725 🎉 Initial commit 8 months ago