Demo : ssh [username] -p 3100
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This project is, at the same time, an SSH server, an SSH client, and a password manager.

Getting started


Requirements :

  • nodejs
  • npm
  • yarn
  • ssh-keygen

Start :

  • Run yarn keygen to generate an SSH key pair
  • Copy config.example.json as config.json and specify a custom port
  • Run yarn start to start the SSH server

Stop : press Ctrl + C


Start :

  • Run yarn install for development dependencies
  • Run yarn test to run Mocha test suite


  • Connect using any SSH client
  • Follow the steps


Why should I use synced-over-ssh ?

It is open source.

This project is released under the MIT license.

It is multiplatform.

Firstly, the server can run on any platform supporting NodeJS.

Secondly, the server can be accessed from any SSH client.

It respects your privacy.

Your data is encrypted using the AES-256 asymmetric encryption algorithm using your own as password.

The standard TOTP 2FA is supported.

Why shouldn't I use synced-over-ssh ?

No direct connection.

Since this project is a server-side service, the SSH connection to your target host is not initiated from your client itself but from the synced-over-ssh then streamed to you.

Therefore, your SSH client-side logs will always log your connections to the synced-over-ssh server and your SSH server-side logs will always log the connections from the synced-over-ssh server.