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Scrape data from DeepL translator without applying for the paid authenticated API, using Puppeteer, Chrome browser’s headless API.

Getting started


  • NodeJS
  • NPM
  • Yarn


From npm

yarn add deepl-scraper


npm i deepl-scraper --save


const { translate, getSupportedLanguages, quit } = require('deepl-scraper');

translate(sentence, source, target).then(console.log).catch(console.error);


  • sentence string - Word/sentence to be translated
  • source string (optional) - Word/sentence original language
    Default : auto
  • target string - Language for word/sentence to be translated

Supported languages

The module doesn’t store languages and will always support DeepL’s languages list without required update.

Language format is 2 letters.

They can be found in DeepL’s HTML :

<div class="lmt__language_select__menu" dl-test="translator-source-lang-list" style="left: 119px;">
    <button dl-lang="auto" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-auto">Any language (detect)</button>
    <button dl-lang="EN" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-en-EN">English</button>
    <button dl-lang="DE" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-de-DE">German</button>
    <button dl-lang="FR" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-fr-FR">French</button>
    <button dl-lang="ES" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-es-ES">Spanish</button>
    <button dl-lang="PT" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-pt-PT">Portuguese</button>
    <button dl-lang="IT" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-it-IT">Italian</button>
    <button dl-lang="NL" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-nl-NL">Dutch</button>
    <button dl-lang="PL" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-pl-PL">Polish</button>
    <button dl-lang="RU" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-ru-RU">Russian</button>
    <button dl-lang="JA" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-ja-JA">Japanese</button>
    <button dl-lang="ZH" tabindex="100" dl-test="translator-lang-option-zh-ZH">Chinese</button>

However, the module is case-insensitive.

Get an array of supported languages using the following code :



Since this module uses a headless browser, it won’t quit as long as your main script is ronning or until you quit it using the following code :


Error handling



Translate from defined language

translate('hello', 'en', 'fr').then(console.log);
    "source": {
        "lang": "en",
        "sentence": "hello"
    "target": {
        "lang": "fr",
        "sentences": [
        "translation": "hello"

Translate from auto-detected language

(a single word’s language is usually more difficult to detect)

translate('hello', null, 'fr').then(console.log);
    "source": {
        "lang": "en",
        "confident": false,
        "sentence": "hello"
    "target": {
        "lang": "fr",
        "sentences": [
        "translation": "hello"

(a sentence’s language is usually more efficient)

translate('hey, what\'s up ?', null, 'fr').then(console.log);
    "source": {
        "lang": "en",
        "confident": false,
        "sentence": "hey, what's up ?"
    "target": {
        "lang": "fr",
        "sentences": [
            "hey, quoi de neuf ?",
            "Hé, qu'est-ce qu'il y a ?",
            "Hé, quoi de neuf ?",
            "Hé, qu'est-ce qu'il y a ?"
        "translation": "Hé, qu'est-ce qu'il y a ?"

Planned features

  • Get word-by-word definitions, quotes and synonyms
  • Bypass maximum text length


Why using Puppeteer instead of HTTP requests ?
Fucking rate limit error always showing up, whatever you do.


  • 1.0.0 (2019-05-06) • Initial release
  • 1.0.x (2019-05-11)
    • Added examples title in
    • Fixed Promise never resolving while alt sentences not available
    • Retry when browser error
    • Fixed retry
    • Fixed changelog version typo
    • Close page after translation
  • 1.0.5 (2019-06-27)
    • Added getSupportedLanguages method
    • Improved translation complete detection
    • Fixed cannot launch new browser when previously closed
    • Fixed incompatibility with multi-requests translation (#1)
  • 1.0.6 (2019-07-05)
    • Fixed auto/non-auto parameter
    • Fixed translation complete detection (again)
  • 1.0.7 (2019-07-05)
    • Fixed translation complete detection (again !)
  • 1.0.9 (2020-07-10)
    • Fixed supported languages detection & selection
    • Improved translation completion detection & result parsing
    • Replaced deprecated request dependency by axios dependency
    • Replaced JSDOM dependency by RegExp processing
    • Replaced quit parameter from translate method to new quit method
    • Refactored using async/await