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An emoji guide for your commit messages.

Differences with the original Gitmoji project by carloscuesta


The original project's website contains ads since PR #631.

This project's website does not contain ads nor any other annoyance.


The original project's website uses NextJS since PR #368, and was using GulpJS before that since commit f2a567d.

This project's website does not use any framework but only pure HTML/CSS/JS.

Unofficial gitmojis

The original project's maintainers sometimes reject gitmoji submissions, despite respecting the contributing guidelines, or let submissions unsolved forever, even after discussion and approval.

This project's website uses the same gitmoji list as the original, but also adds the following rejected gitmojis, with an unofficial badge.

  • :fast_forward: Redo changes (issue #169, rejected)

Unofficial gitmoji submissions are welcome, provided that an existing submission has been rejected or left unsolved on the official project's issue tracker, despite respecting the contributing guidelines.