Alternative web front-end for Instagram. Demo available
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Alternative web front-end for Instagram powered by scraper-instagram in browser through scraper-instagram-api.

Desktop version available at scraper-instagram-gui-desktop.

Automatically redirect from Instagram

The app handles Instagram routes (e.g. /p/{shortcode}, /{username}) so it is possible to directly redirect to for example, using the Redirector extension (for Chromium-based browsers and for Firefox-based browsers).

After installing the extension, click on it, then click Edit Redirects.


Automated setup

Download this JSON file, click Import then select it.

Manual setup

Click Create new redirect then fill in the following specifications :

  • Include pattern : https:\/\/(?:www\.)?instagram\.com\/(.+)
  • Redirect to :$1
  • Pattern type : Regular Expression


In the end, the result should look like the following :