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Opinionated Tauri 1.x + Vue 3.x + Vite 3.x template


  • Developer-friendly
  • Cross-platform
    • start & build scripts
    • builds
  • Fully dark app
  • Includes additional methods
    • execute wraps Command.execute with the OS default interpreter, allowing to run any command
    • exists is like Node's fs.existsSync, but returns a Promise
    • getPathSeparator is like Node's path.sep, but as a function returning a Promise



curl -s | bash -s hello-world


Clone existing repo & create new repo :

git clone hello-world
cd hello-world
rm -r .git
git init
git add .
git commit -m ":tada: Initial commit"

Install dependencies : yarn install


Start development server using yarn start (outputs temporary files in dist & src-tauri/target/debug)

Create production build using yarn build (outputs production file in src-tauri/target/release)

Keep Tauri dependencies up to date using yarn upgrade-tauri

Develop everything inside src-tauri & src-vue